"Georgian Queen of Pop, Jazz, Soul and Blues in America" Rusudan Tsereteli- 93.5FM- Radio Tbilisi


"Rising Star of Indie, Soul, World Music and Jazz" -Daily Herald


"It may be a safe bet that Nino Arobelidze is a name that you’ll hear a lot more going forward." Robert Chiarito- The Chicago Ambassador

"Nino Arobelidze. Remember that name." -Vaughn Wilson- WHPK 88.5 FM-The Jazz Supreme Show

"Nino Arobelidze has a fertile musical imagination....I bet you haven't heard anything quite like that before." Richard Milne- 93XRT Local Anesthetic


"Her training in dance and theatre continue to influence her esthetic through sonic lyricism" -Arthur Skales-Art on Art


 "In each of her songs you can hear the underlying of jazz cruising over the cool, subtle beats" Cynthia Crawford -The Chronicle


"Nino Arobelidze is a wonder. You cannot know unless you go and hear for yourself. If you love Fado, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Jazz and Torch with simmering Hip Hop - you will be taken on a journey most welcome. Delightful in every sense. Enough edge to keep me wide eyed and glad to be in this night." Andy Willis


"Nino Arobelidze Creates New Crossroads Between Pop, Jazz, Soul and Damn Good Beat Boxing" Hannah Frank-OnAxis Music


"Nino's voice is often described as pure and effortless with a timeless vintage twist. While her imaginative phrasing and swagger are reminiscent of a skilled instrumentalist, her treatment of language is driven by the power of words and the magic of subtlety" Hannah Frank-OnAxis Music