Dusty Groove Records "Captivating, genre-defying indie soul from Girl Named Nino – a girl originally from Tbilisi, Georgia who has long called the Chicago area home, has a sound as far reaching as her travels, but it still feels intimate and personal! Her voice is front-and-center throughout Moonlight Daughter, in both the vocals and in the distinctive songcraft, and it's strong on both fronts.  As a singer, she has a way of balancing classic jazz vocal influences with more modern soul, global/multi-lingual pop and even a bit of hip hop."


VOYAGE CHICAGO Interview "I believe that life’s challenges shape and reveal us to ourselves"


Daily Herald-SOUND CHECK "Moonlight Daughter is a lushly layered mash of genres with a cinematic feel, each song a stolen moment of time."-Brian Shamie


Radio One Chicago In Studio Interview + Performance


Esthetic Lens Magazine- 5 Questions with Nino Arobelidze


STYLE SONATA "Girl Named Nino- So gorgeous! Your album is also amazing! Little Lady is fire. It's like Corinne Bailey Rae meets Erykah Badu" - Style Sonata 


TV PIRVELI -ქალების ნარატივი-"Nino Arobelidze is a super-musician from Chicago who melds many musical genres to form her sound" Gvantsa Lagidze, TV Pirveli


Voyage Chicago PORTRAITS OF CHICAGO feature


WRSE 88.7FM Underbelly Hours- In Studio Interview + Performance

"Our artist feature for today is the lovely Nino Arobelidze, a sweet mixture of Ziggy Stardust, Corinne Bailey Rae, and something new” Adela Skowronski, Underbelly Hours 


93.5FM Radio Tbilisi " Georgian Queen of Pop, Jazz, Soul and Blues in America"- Rusudan Tsereteli


Marla Studio "This is Nino-she is a rocknroll goddess channeling Billie Holiday through the filter of rock, acid jazz, Parisian torch, Jeff Buckley...and Prince" Marla Wallerstein, MarLa Studio


RADIO HERETI FM 93.5 "ამერიკის დროით- პოპის, ჯაზის, სოულისა და ბლუზის ქართველ დედოფალს ჩიკაგოდან, ნინო არობელიძეს მასპინძლობს."


93XRT Chicago "The ever-evolving Nino Arobelidze impresses with a couple of new tracks." Richard Milne, Local Anesthetic


CHICAGO AMBASSADOR-(interview)- "Nino Arobelidze, Remember that Name."-Robert Chiarito

"It may be a safe bet that Nino Arobelidze is a name that you’ll hear a lot more going forward."- Robert Chiarito, The Chicago Ambassador


TBL PODCAST 10 Questions with Nino Arobelidze (starts at 26:50min marking)

"Couple of weeks ago I noticed a hullabaloo on Facebook about a musician who had done a show in Washington D.C. I looked her up-she's originally from Georgia, lives in Chicago. Her music is really great (and as you know, I hate almost all new music)- I talked to her and she is hair-raisingly insightful and interesting. Her name is Nino Arobelidze- she has a new album, called GIRL NAMED NINO. She's playing anywhere near you-do everybody a favor and go." Mark Mullen, TBLPOD 


BUSINESS MEDIA GEORGIA -გოგონა სახელად ნინო- "მუსიკა, როგორც კლიმატი, სჯობს პირადად გამოსცადო, ვიდრე გაანალიზო და განიხილო" 


"Rising Star of Indie, Soul, World Music and Jazz" -Daily Herald


NETGAZETI GE -NYC concert review & artist profile by Ia Merkviladze-"გოგონა სახელად ნინო, სვინგის ქუჩაზე" 


Russian Chicago Interview -“НЕВОЗМОЖНО ЖИТЬ БЕЗ ЛЮБВИ”


KVIRA (GE) PERSONA feature by Nino Jajanidze


Voice of America televised segment from Washington D.C. Voice of America feature re: Our Blood Is Wine


Rustavi 2  Televised feature on GIRL NAMED NINO U.S.Tour


93XRT - "Nino Arobelidze has a fertile musical imagination....I bet you haven't heard anything quite like that before."- Richard Milne, Local Anesthetic 


WBEZ's Morning Shift- In Studio Interview + Performance 


Radio Tavisupleba (Prague) Interview -"ნინო არობელიძის მუსიკალური სამყარო-ხეტიალი და დაბრუნება"

WHPK 88.5FM "Nino Arobelidze. Remember that name." -Vaughn Wilson, The Jazz Supreme Show


ART ON ART Blog "Her training in dance and theatre continue to influence her esthetic through sonic lyricism." -Arthur Skales


The Chronicle- Musician Discovers Success and Lasting Friendships at CLC-"In each of her songs you can hear the underlying of jazz cruising over the cool, subtle beats."- Cynthia Crawford   


On Axis Music-review "Nino Arobelidze Creates New Crossroads Between Pop, Jazz, Soul and Damn Good Beat Boxing"    "Nino's voice is often described as pure and effortless with a timeless vintage twist. While her imaginative phrasing and swagger are reminiscent of a skilled instrumentalist, her treatment of language is driven by the power of words and the magic of subtlety."- Hannah Frank-OnAxis Music


"Nino Arobelidze is a wonder. You cannot know unless you go and hear for yourself. If you love Fado, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Jazz and Torch with simmering Hip Hop - you will be taken on a journey most welcome. Delightful in every sense. Enough edge to keep me wide eyed and glad to be in this night."- Andy Willis