“Girl Named Nino absolutely slayed at The Paper Machete (Green Mill) yesterday” The Underbelly Hours

“Nino and Pablo are two impossibly interesting people” Andy Kind (Artfinix Podcast Network)

#ArtCanFix Podcast interview Episode 43. Part1 + Part 2 (Artfinix Studios)

"She's a multi-instrumentalist, she's hard to pin down, she's soulful, she delightful, she's Girl Named Nino" James VanOsdol 101WKQX

Chicago Sound Check features Girl Named Nino

8 Chicago Acts That Caught Us by Surprise in 2018 -Daily Herald “She imbues her music… with a surreal vibe. The songs are less stories as much as they are frozen moments of feeling, evoking memories and emotions through elements of jazz, pop and electronica.” Brian Shamie (Daily Herald)

“A fantastic musician in her own right” Tony Sarabia (WBEZ, Radio M)

კვირის პალიტრა (Kviris Palitra) “ამჟამად ნინო საკუთარ უნიკალურ მუსიკას ჯაზის, პანკის, სოულისა და ქართული ხმების შერწყმით აზავებს და დაინტერესება-აღფრთოვანებას მსოფლიოს მასშტაბით იწვევს” (შორენა ლაბაძე-ჟურნალი “გზა”)

Business Post-ბიზნესპოსტი “უზარმაზარ ქვეყანაში მან თავის დამკვიდრება ინდივიდუალური, ყველაზე გამორჩეული მუსიკით შეძლო” - Keti Bachvelashvili

Dusty Groove Records "Captivating, genre-defying indie soul from Girl Named Nino – a girl originally from Tbilisi, Georgia who has long called the Chicago area home, has a sound as far reaching as her travels, but it still feels intimate and personal! Her voice is front-and-center throughout Moonlight Daughter, in both the vocals and in the distinctive songcraft, and it's strong on both fronts.  As a singer, she has a way of balancing classic jazz vocal influences with more modern soul, global/multi-lingual pop and even a bit of hip hop."


VOYAGE CHICAGO Interview "I believe that life’s challenges shape and reveal us to ourselves"


Daily Herald-SOUND CHECK "Moonlight Daughter is a lushly layered mash of genres with a cinematic feel, each song a stolen moment of time."-Brian Shamie


Radio One Chicago In Studio Interview + Performance


Esthetic Lens Magazine- 5 Questions with Nino Arobelidze


STYLE SONATA "Girl Named Nino- So gorgeous! Your album is also amazing! Little Lady is fire. It's like Corinne Bailey Rae meets Erykah Badu" - Style Sonata 


TV PIRVELI -ქალების ნარატივი-"Nino Arobelidze is a super-musician from Chicago who melds many musical genres to form her sound" Gvantsa Lagidze, TV Pirveli


Voyage Chicago PORTRAITS OF CHICAGO feature


WRSE 88.7FM Underbelly Hours- In Studio Interview + Performance

"Our artist feature for today is the lovely Nino Arobelidze, a sweet mixture of Ziggy Stardust, Corinne Bailey Rae, and something new” Adela Skowronski, Underbelly Hours 


93.5FM Radio Tbilisi " Georgian Queen of Pop, Jazz, Soul and Blues in America"- Rusudan Tsereteli


Marla Studio "This is Nino-she is a rocknroll goddess channeling Billie Holiday through the filter of rock, acid jazz, Parisian torch, Jeff Buckley...and Prince" Marla Wallerstein, MarLa Studio


RADIO HERETI FM 93.5 "ამერიკის დროით- პოპის, ჯაზის, სოულისა და ბლუზის ქართველ დედოფალს ჩიკაგოდან, ნინო არობელიძეს მასპინძლობს."


93XRT Chicago "The ever-evolving Nino Arobelidze impresses with a couple of new tracks." Richard Milne, Local Anesthetic


CHICAGO AMBASSADOR-(interview)- "Nino Arobelidze, Remember that Name."-Robert Chiarito

"It may be a safe bet that Nino Arobelidze is a name that you’ll hear a lot more going forward."- Robert Chiarito, The Chicago Ambassador


TBL PODCAST 10 Questions with Nino Arobelidze (starts at 26:50min marking)

"Couple of weeks ago I noticed a hullabaloo on Facebook about a musician who had done a show in Washington D.C. I looked her up-she's originally from Georgia, lives in Chicago. Her music is really great (and as you know, I hate almost all new music)- I talked to her and she is hair-raisingly insightful and interesting. Her name is Nino Arobelidze- she has a new album, called GIRL NAMED NINO. She's playing anywhere near you-do everybody a favor and go." Mark Mullen, TBLPOD 

TV Pirveli INTERVIEW ქალების ნარატივი, გვანცა ლაღიცესთან

BUSINESS MEDIA GEORGIA -გოგონა სახელად ნინო- "მუსიკა, როგორც კლიმატი, სჯობს პირადად გამოსცადო, ვიდრე გაანალიზო და განიხილო" 


"Rising Star of Indie, Soul, World Music and Jazz" -Daily Herald


NETGAZETI GE -NYC concert review & artist profile by Ia Merkviladze-"გოგონა სახელად ნინო, სვინგის ქუჩაზე" 


Russian Chicago Interview -“НЕВОЗМОЖНО ЖИТЬ БЕЗ ЛЮБВИ”


KVIRA (GE) PERSONA feature by Nino Jajanidze


Voice of America televised segment from Washington D.C. Voice of America feature re: Our Blood Is Wine


Rustavi 2  Televised feature on GIRL NAMED NINO U.S.Tour


93XRT - "Nino Arobelidze has a fertile musical imagination....I bet you haven't heard anything quite like that before."- Richard Milne, Local Anesthetic 


WBEZ's Morning Shift- In Studio Interview + Performance 


Radio Tavisupleba (Prague) Interview -"ნინო არობელიძის მუსიკალური სამყარო-ხეტიალი და დაბრუნება"

WHPK 88.5FM "Nino Arobelidze. Remember that name." -Vaughn Wilson, The Jazz Supreme Show


ART ON ART Blog "Her training in dance and theatre continue to influence her esthetic through sonic lyricism." -Arthur Skales


The Chronicle- Musician Discovers Success and Lasting Friendships at CLC-"In each of her songs you can hear the underlying of jazz cruising over the cool, subtle beats."- Cynthia Crawford   


On Axis Music-review "Nino Arobelidze Creates New Crossroads Between Pop, Jazz, Soul and Damn Good Beat Boxing"    "Nino's voice is often described as pure and effortless with a timeless vintage twist. While her imaginative phrasing and swagger are reminiscent of a skilled instrumentalist, her treatment of language is driven by the power of words and the magic of subtlety."- Hannah Frank-OnAxis Music


"Nino Arobelidze is a wonder. You cannot know unless you go and hear for yourself. If you love Fado, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Jazz and Torch with simmering Hip Hop - you will be taken on a journey most welcome. Delightful in every sense. Enough edge to keep me wide eyed and glad to be in this night."- Andy Willis